Children’s Programs

Caroline Klemperer-Green has written 22 different children’s programs since 1978 and has taken them across the country and as far as the former Soviet Union. The programs encourage the uniqueness, creativity and worth of each child.

Each show is built around a theme such as coping with stress, the environment, non-violence or American history. The children always have an active part in the programs. They dance, tell stories, wear costumes and play instruments. Their response is electric. Horizons are lifted.

Caroline is presently touring with:

Young MozartMozart-003

With the students Caroline takes a trip back in time, landing in the mid 18th century where they meet young Mozart and his sister and experience life with them from getting their carriage stuck in the mud to wearing white wigs and period costumes and playing a little violin. By the time they hear songs from The Magic Flute, they are mesmerized by the story of that opera and eager to draw pictures of its fascinating characters.

Open Up Your ArtChildrens-Programs_html_m76935c94

Students are encouraged in a safe and trusting environment to discuss their emotions and express them in positive ways through music, painting, writing and conversation.


The children realize that they are all storytellers as they express themselves through music, written words, pictures and even play dough.